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SolidWorks Advanced Level III (30 hrs)       100%

SolidWorks Level III will explore some of the most powerful tools available in the SolidWorks package. These include simulation tools such as FEA-Finite Element Analysis for structural component analysis, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for dynamic fluid analysis, and thermal analysis for conducting and insulating systems, as well as complex assembly modeling, project package reporting, technical drafting and more. These tools will give the student the ability to analyze and understand complex system properties like efficiency, failure points, safety factors and limits. By learning these tools, the student will be able to take a customer problem, determine the most efficient solution and report the derived solution in an elegant and timely fashion. Prerequisite: SolidWorks Introductory Level I and SolidWorks Intermediate Level II.

Tuition $520.00
Materials Fee 75.00 (not included in any discount)

Inventor - Introduction To Solid Modeling     

Autodesk Inventor software is the innovative 3-D, highperformance mechanical design tool that helps mechanical designers and engineers reduce design time and get better products to market faster. This course will explore the following features: sketch, extrude, cut, sweep, helix, revolve, fillets & rounds, chamfers, editing features, hole features, circular & rectangular patterns, working drawings, & title blocks.

Tuition $475
Materials Fee $50

SolidWorks Intermediate Level II (30 hrs)       100%

SolidWorks Level II introduces some of the more powerful tools of the program such as component configuration management, variable value linking, sensor arrays, motion studies, sheet metal, weldments, complex mating and assembly design. These tools will allow the student to create working mechanical assemblies with real world parameters using examples seen in modern industry. The student will gain the skills necessary to design, develop and complete a real-world mechanical system that will then prove the use of modern metrology techniques and instruments. In conjunction with learning the advanced SolidWorks tools, the student will also learn the fundamental concepts of basic metrology to verify finished designs and have a more accurate sense of physical system relationships with the virtual ones. Prerequisite: SolidWorks Introductory Level I.

Tuition $520.00
Materials Fee $75.00(not included in any discounts)

SolidWorks Cad Formal Prep & Certification NEW!     

This is a training and prep course to complete the Dassault Systems Certified Solidworks Professional Exam (CSWP). This course will cover the necessary materials and topics required to successfully pass the CSWP exam and become a registered Solidworks professional. The CSWP is a respected and industry-recognized certification that will make you stand out among your peers as a skilled Solidworks user, a requirement among many of the industry’s leading design firms and corporations. Upon completion of the course, we will administer the full 3-hour and 20-minute CSWP exam by Dassault Systems.

Tuition $295.00
Materials Fee $50(not included in any
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