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Electrical Contractor Exam Prep Course       100%

By taking this course electricians will gain the necessary skills to pass the electrical contractor’s exam. The course will provide an overview of electrical theory, the 2020 NEC, and electrical calculations based on the Mike Holt’s exam prep series. Included are an overview of theory to improve your understanding of electrical essentials; comprehensive study of electrical calculations using step-by-step instructions of how to set up the problems and work through them accurately; unit questions to test your knowledge as you progress through the material; thousands of code questions to test your knowledge of the NEC. * Payment plan available

Tuition $595.00
Materials Fee $200.00(not included in any discounts)

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)       100%

This course introduces the fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems as used in industrial environments. It provides the knowledge and skills needed to understand hardware, basic methods of programming and programming techniques. Students will learn the basics of working with PLCs – how to identify components, how to write ladder-logic programs, understand PLC inputs and outputs, understand basic pro-gramming instructions, how to set up a PLC including hardwiring, how to identify and isolate the most common system faults and so much more. Students will perform real and simulated hands-on experiments using Allen Bradley’s MicroLogix controllers. All programs are written using Rockwell Automation’s RSLogix Micro software. * Payment Plan Available

Tuition $525.00
Materials Fee $150.00(not included in any discounts)

Commercial/Industrial Electrical Wiring       100%

Develop the knowledge of commercial and industrial electrical wiring through hands-on practice as well as theory instruction. Students will learn electrical fundamentals, conductor ampacity sizing, voltage drops, grounding methods, raceways and conduit sizing, enclosure sizing, overcurrent protection, transformer connections, wiring diagrams, branch-circuit loads, motors and motor controls. Instruction is based on current NEC standards. Hands-on training includes: Wiring circuits, raceways and conduit bending, three-phase motors and motor control circuits. *Payment plan available

Tuition $520.00
Materials Fee $155.00 (not included in any discounts)