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Relationship Marketing For Women In Business     

In this interactive course, women entrepreneurs and business owners will learn to master the art of relationship marketing to develop strong strategic connections, expand their networks, increase sales andn gain longterm customer loyalty. The key is achieving the Know, Like and Trust factor! It's time we leverage your gifts, social networks and platforms to catapult you to a higher level of being, a higher level of business success and a higher level of access and opportunity that can only be achieved working together!

Tuition $245.00
Materials Fee $50.00


In this class, you will learn more about what it takes to run a successful business on a daily basis. Business owners, entrepreneurs and/or operations managers are forced to make decisions, preferably smart ones, and troubleshoot potential issues throughout the day. Determine based on the size of your business which skilled staff members might be needed and beneficial to your company, manage quality assurance programs, research new technologies and/or alternative methods to ensure efficiency of your offerings. Look into your supply chain and identify ways to improve on the delivery of your products and services to your end users, while tightening-up your budgets to manage yourcost and sustainability. Ensure staff members, departments and partnering organizations deliver their best efforts every day. Learn about valuable techniques and tools to analyze best practices that will help keep your operations under control, your inventory under wraps and your staff and partners happy, motivated and productive.

Tuition $225
Materials Fee $0

Notary Publlic: How To Become A Notary Public       100%

This attorney-taught seminar will cover: What does a Notary do? How do I become a Notary Public? What is a Notary Public’s liability? Additional topics include the Notary application process, the Notary test, and renewing your Notary license.

Tuition $35
Materials Fee $0